Best Telegram Groups List 2019

The best Groups to join on Telegram have been provided below according to the category. With a large number of groups all across the platform, you will notice that it becomes really hard to choose the best ones if not guided properly. is a portal which will guide you with anything related to the software. We have information about channels, groups and stickers along with bots and guides. But in this page, we have given the information about the Best Groups on Telegram to join.

So, we have given on this page the best group related to the query searched on Google. This will give you a rough idea of which groups are the most preferred by the general public, and which provide the most content rich updates.

These lists have been curated based on the popularity and general consensus of the people who participate in it. So, before heading over to the most prominent groups on Telegram, let us gain a little bit of knowledge about this software and the concept of “Groups”.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is the latest hype in the community as it is an instant messaging app which cloud based. Due to its configuration, it is considered to be a safe network for users worldwide. Telegram has various other points which make it much more popular than its competitors.

The app currently does not generate any revenue because it is free to use and download. Telegram has gained its place on the pedestal of one of the best messaging apps in the market because of its superior document transmission services.

The app was launched in 2013 by Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov and since then Telegram has grown immensely in its number of users per country. The Telegram Team today, operates from Dubai and the app has more than 200 million monthly users from across the globe.

Telegram recently started video sharing facilities which are done through channels and groups. In this page, we will feature more about Groups, rather than Channels.

What are Telegram Groups?

Like most messenger applications, Telegram also gives the features of Groups to its users. Groups are basically communities which can be built. These communities can support up to 100,000 members.

Messages can be sent across groups in an instant and the participants can all of it at once. You, as user can be in several groups at once. You can also use these Telegram Groups to find information, videos, documents and pretty much any other file.

There are millions of groups on the application, each discussing different topics and engaging participants in their own subjects. You can also join different groups according to your preference.

For example- if you are an aspiring UPSC contender, you will find several groups which will give you the latest information about this. We have given all this information in depth on this page.

Types of Groups on Telegram

There are two types of groups on Telegram. They are:

  • Basic Group: Basic Groups are those groups which have the maximum capacity of just 200 members. It is usually used by organizations with low staffing, families, friends etc for informal purposes. Tis is usually used by small communities.
  • Supergroup: These Groups are large groups up to a capacity of 100,000 members. These are usually utilized by large communities or public organizations. These offer high level options for administrators.

Features of Telegram Groups

  • Reach

Super groups especially, can have a major impact on your organization. At its peak, these groups can hold a population of 100,000 and this means that a message you sent on such a group will be almost broadcasted to a large number of people. This has proven useful for small businesses and associations.

  • Pinned Messages

You can pin messages which will enable all the participants to read the message first even after lots of messages flooding the group. This is the basic function of the “Pin” function.

  • Mentions

You can mention the user who has replied on a message and the notification will be sent to the person directly. This is a simple yet effective feature of this application.

  • Instant Replies

If your group consists of 10 people, or even 1000 people, the specific time for each message to reach the participants will be the same. This means that the increased number of participants will not imply that the speed of delivery will be affected.

Benefits of joining the Best Groups on Telegram

There are ample advantages of joining a Telegram Group. You can join your group according to your niche and liking. Some of the major benefits of joining the best groups on Telegram are

  1. All the information in one place!

As Telegram is a free application, joining various groups is also free. This means that all the information pertaining the particular topic will be available on this part of the website. One example for this could be- if you are a government job seeker in India, you will find plenty of groups dedicated to this and all information which comes up on these groups will be regarding this only.

  1. Useful for advertising and business promoting

Those who join your group will be there as per their search query. This simply means that the people who join the group are obviously interested in the product or idea which you are offering. As a result, you get a much targeted audience and you can utilize this to your greatest capacity.

  1. No ads

Any other part of the internet will be full of advertisements when you wish to search for an information. But on Telegram, you will be able to browse through this information without any restrictions or interruptions. This will be possible because there are no advertisements on this site.

How can help you have a better experience

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